1. DZ'OB Ft. Mattia Prete - Zamovliannia
    DZ'OB ft. Mattia Prete

  2. Lyder - Vivacity (Remixes)
    Primal Code, Crossing Avenue

  3. Vivacity EP

  4. Barbecue in Monferrato (single)
    Flat Maze

  5. A Thing With Feathers
    Aki Himanen and Aleksi Kinnunen

  6. Butterfly Globe
    Aki Himanen and Aleksi Kinnunen

  7. Shining Shades (single)
    Aki Himanen and Aleksi Kinnunen

  8. A Thing With Feathers (single)
    Aki Himanen and Aleksi Kinnunen feat. Iiro Rantala

  9. Visions 20/21
    Jazz-o-Tech’s Artists

  10. Oceans EP
    Soundscape Orchestra

  11. Phosphorescent Line

  12. Deutet EP
    Morgen Wurde & Tis (feat. Tetsuroh Konishi)

  13. Soundscape Orchestra - Dream Drone (single)
    Soundscape Orchestra

  14. This Is Techno Jazz Vol. I - 2021 extended edition
    Various Artists

  15. Moon, Please Don't Go Away
    Mattia Prete

  16. New Door
    TUN Torino Unlimited Noise

  17. New Door (single)
    TUN Torino Unlimited Noise

  18. Gran Canaria EP (Incl. Dinamite and Arnaud Le Texier remixes)
    Flat Maze

  19. Dawn Drops
    Aki Himanen, Aleksi Kinnunen

  20. JOT014: II EP

  21. Venus (single)

  22. This is Techno Jazz Vol 1

  23. JOT012: Temporal Pole EP (Incl. T Kode, stndrd remixes)
    Healing Force Project

  24. JOT011: Jason (Incl. VSK, Aleja Sanchez Remixes)
    TUN Torino Unlimited Noise

  25. JOT010: Antares Mates - La ballata di Antares

  26. JOT009: TUN - Torino Unlimited Noise - Jason (Original Mix)
    TUN Torino Unlimited Noise

  27. JOT008: Beat Movement - Silent Rain EP (Incl. Sunil Sharpe remix)
    Beat Movement

  28. JOT007: Plastik.Soldiers - Short Days

  29. JOT006: White Gardenia Vol.2

  30. JOT005: GaMaPaWa - Story Telling EP

  31. JOT004: Duke Zilla - Trop Fonk

  32. JOT003: Flat Maze - Dick Dunker EP
    Flat Maze

  33. JOT002: Cesare Dell'Anna - Modal Miles EP
    Cesare Dell'Anna

  34. JOT001: White Gardenia Vol.1


Jazz-o-Tech Berlin, Germany

Jazz-o-Tech is an innovative project which puts together techno producers and jazz musicians. A powerful sound and an innovative concept: this is Techno Jazz!

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